Sunday 31 July 2011

Drala Jong will be a creative space

Drala Jong is intended to be a space supportive of creativity and invention. With that in mind, I thought (albeit somewhat self indulgently) to post the first piece of creative narration by my son who is 4 - as relayed by his nursery teachers.

I went with mummy and daddy, we flew like dragons to the castle. I saw a green dragonfly. There were 3 dinosaurs in the castle, they were big and tried to eat us with their big jaws. They had chips with tomato sauce.

Then we went to my house and played with my toys.

And I think we can all learn something from that. . .


JR said...

This is a quite interesting thing
for found raising different projects.

love JR

Unknown said...

Thanks JR - I'm back from retreat and will have a look presently. The retreat was a great catalyst for ideas and energy with regards fund raising. I'll write more on that later.