Tuesday 28 December 2010



Do you happen to have that sum lying around under a bed somewhere, and don't know what to do with it?

Excellent - then please pass it our way, as at the end of 2010 our appeal fund has risen to £63,939 and the figure of £436,061 is exactly how much money we now require to acquire Drala Jong.

Seriously though (don't you hate it when people say 'Seriously though. . . '?) we're delighted that during 2010, when all our attention has been on getting our Aro Ling Bristol Arts & Meditation Centre going, we've managed to increase our funds for Drala Jong by just shy of £4,000.

Our thanks to all who have contributed during the year - watch this space as 2011 will be the year of the next big push for Drala Jong fundraising.

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Rin'dzin Pamo (@awbery) said...

That's great news. It's good to know that the fund is steadily progressing in the right direction. Thanks for all the work that you're putting in to it.